KASHMIR'S premier apple orchard known for export quality apples


KASHMIR'S premier apple orchard known for export quality apples

Our Story

We are the country’s leading apple grower located in the Apple Valley in KASHMIR. Located in the Kashmir district in this northern state of India, we have been in the business ever since 1990.
In 2013, we introduced the concept of organic farming and started to work with reinforced vigour to bring to your doorsteps some of the purest freshest,
and healthiest apples. Quality farming is the main focus here which in turn impacts the quality of the fruit grown here. We keep improvising techniques and methodologies so that we get to our consumers’ proven standards of apples. In our endeavor to get you organic apples, we use mineral-treated water of the rivers from the region for farming and growing the apples.


An Apple A Day, Keeps The Doctor Away, Especially If These Are Premium Quality Organically Grown. Kashmir Apple Orchards Offers Succulent Tasting Ripened Organic Apples For A Healthy You!

Fruits Kashmir– Premier Apple Orchard Known For Nutrient-Rich Organic Apples

we committed to bringing you the natural goodness of apples, right into your homes. Considering the health benefits of the fruit, the revolutionary introduction of organic farming in apple farms is noteworthy! Kashmir leading farmer-owned farm dedicated to growing the purest form of apples is Kashmir Apple Orchard.

The goodness of organic apples

The goodness of organic apples The juicy taste of apples, when blended with the nutritious value of the organically grown pome in the big apple farm, is no less than a heavenly experience. Each bite of the succulent ripened apples fills your taste buds with a divine satiated feeling. No doubt the apple is one of the most loved fruits across the world. There is no questioning the health benefits of the fruit while the role that it has played in the evolvement of mankind can never be disputed ever.

Include apples in your daily diet

Include apples in your daily diet With even science proving the effectiveness of organic apples, it is time that you make apples a necessary part of your daily diet. Order from the three different varieties of apples from our apple farm – the Red Delicious, the Royal Delicious, and the Granny Smith – taste the beauty of these natural wonders and gift your body par excellence nutritional value. The apples are good. They are filled with rich natural nutrients that reflect amazing results on your health.Making the sugary juicy fruit a part of the routine is good for your cardiology system, helps you lose weight,and maintains your digestive tract’s health.

Why choose KASHMIR Apple Orchard?

KASHMIR Apple Orchard is one of the best apple farms in KASHMIR. With a proven track record, the credibility that has been built with years of focused and committed work, with a team that is geared to give their best, always; you can rest be assured that you are dealing with the very best when you choose us to order for our ubiquitous organically-grown apples.

Easy to order

Since the world is going online and digital now, we have the e-store where you choose to pick from the farm-fresh organic apples direct from the best apple farm in the country for easy and convenient ordering, At the best prices, and being tied up with our delivery partners that offer speedy and prompt deliveries across the length and the breadth of the country, ordering is seamless and smooth.

Guaranteed quality of fruits

Trust is in the air – you can be one-hundred percent sure of the quality of our products because our brand’s existence revolves around the concept of trustworthiness and reliability. Our pride, our bloodline – we live by our commitment to superior and par excellence quality.

Apples that are nutrient-rich

Our APPLE FARM is located in the mighty mountain earth, one of the most fertile soils in the country. The weather conditions here are perfect for growing healthy and nourishing apples. Blessed with true and pure natural flavours, apples from our orchards help take care of your family’s health for a long time to come.

Try Our Premium Organic Apple Products Made By No. 1 Farmer Owned Brand Of KASHMIR

Adopt A Tree At our Apple Orchard

A program that has been developed keeping in mind our dear customers, apple lovers from all over the country, the ‘adopt a tree’ in the big apple farm is a way to contribute towards the betterment of farming methods in this local farm. You take a step to pioneer a revolution to help the environment by doing so and gift your posterity a gift of time, nourishment, and unrivaled taste. A symbol of heredity that will continue for generations with pride and love!

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The apples are good. They are filled with rich natural nutrients that reflect amazing results on your health.

They All Love Our Fruits

 Warm summer days, abundant rainfall, fertile organic soil, and crisp fall nights produce apples with character, flavor, and crunch. Whether you’re looking for apples for eating, baking a pie, or cooking in a commercial kitchen, we have a variety to suit your needs


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